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I come to this work with the belief that connection is the antidote to trauma. Trauma causes fragmentation on an individual, community, and intergenerational level. It takes a sense of safety, trust, and belonging with others to re-member the separate pieces of ourselves. As the psychiatrist J. L. Moreno wrote, "We are wounded in relationship, and we must heal in relationship." 

The profound beauty we can find when we return to ourselves through safe and supportive connection is exactly what drew me to the therapy profession. I love what I do, and I carry a deep sense of gratitude for each person who has shared a piece of their story with me.  

In a therapy setting, my work has focused on clients who have experienced various forms of trauma, including sexual and/or physical assault, childhood abuse, grief/loss, systemic oppression, spiritual trauma, and chronic illness.

I have a background in HIV services and LGBTQ+ community-based work, and my practice is informed by gender theory, feminism, and critical race theory.


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"And all the colors I am inside haven't been invented yet."
- Shel Silverstein


Our bodies and minds are resourceful at adapting to our external environment. When that environment is toxic and dangerous, our internal system creates powerful strategies to help us survive. Much of trauma work is about convincing our bodies that it's safe to let go of the survival strategies that are no longer helping us. When we feel safe enough to emerge from survival mode, we can uncover a stunning inner vibrancy and creativity that we never knew we had.  


Trauma deeply impacts our physiology, our relationship to ourselves, and our ability to connect with others. My approach to psychotherapy focuses on healing these effects of trauma using a collaborative, somatic, and relationship-based perspective.


In session, I draw on attachment-based/psychodynamic therapies, internal family systems (IFS), EMDR, somatic-based therapies, mindfulness, and nervous system regulation techniques. Each person has unique and ever-evolving needs in their therapeutic process, so part of our work together will be finding which approaches most resonate with you. 

Because of the ways systems of oppression proliferate trauma, trauma therapy and anti-oppressive practice must be one and the same.

My practice welcomes individuals of all sexual orientations, gender identities and representations, body sizes, cultural backgrounds, races, ethnicities, religions, spiritualities, and documentation statuses. I am affirming of all consensual nontraditional relationship structures and sexual practices.



Tulane University, Bachelor of Science and Public Health; Graduated 2013.

Portland State University, Master of Social Work; Graduated 2022.

  • Licensed Social Worker Associate - Clinical Independent; Washington State Department of Health

  • Mental Health Counselor Associate - Clinical Independent; Washington State Department of Health

  • Certified Oregon Sexual Assault Advocate; 2021


  • Somatic- and Attachment-Focused EMDR Training, Personal Transformation Institute; 2022


  • Member of ​​the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation (ISSTD)

  • Member of the International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA)

  • Member of Washington State Society for Clinical Social Work (WSSCSW)


LSWAIC License No: SWIA.SC.61327601

MHCA License No: MHCA.MC.61386616

I currently receive regular clinical supervision from a Washington-State-approved licensed mental health professional.


Credentials, Certifications, and Trainings

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