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Letters for Gender-Affirming Care

Acknowledgment and Fees



I acknowledge that navigating medical, insurance, and mental health systems can be particularly (re)traumatizing for transgender, non-binary, gender-expansive, and otherwise non-cisgender individuals. I use the Informed Consent Model for referral letters related to gender-affirming health care. This model emphasizes the importance of personal autonomy and seeks to acknowledge the right of trans individuals to make decisions about their own bodies, free of undue gatekeeping or financial burden.

If you are an adult seeking a letter from a mental health professional in order to access gender-affirming surgical procedures, I hold a limited number of sliding scale spots each month for letter-related assessments. If more than one appointment is necessary to establish informed consent, additional sessions will also be available at a sliding scale rate. 

(Note: This rate only applies to sessions regarding letters for gender-affirming care, unless otherwise discussed.)

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