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“Love is at once an affirmation and a transcendence of
who we are.”
- Esther Perel


NOTE: I am not currently accepting new clients for couples therapy. 

I offer therapy for couples facing a variety of challenges, with a particular focus on navigating the impacts of childhood or adult trauma in relationships.  

Past trauma can cause us to unknowingly operate off of relationship templates we learned from those who harmed us the most. We re-enact these patterns over and over in our intimate relationships, even if we are trying our hardest to find fulfillment with our partner(s).

Other times, trauma can enter the relationship like a wrecking ball. When one or both partners experience trauma (or have new trauma symptoms emerge) during the relationship, it can turn the relationship's equilibrium upside down. While things won't likely go back to the way they were before, couples therapy can help you build a new equilibrium with an even stronger foundation of awareness, affection, and empathy.


While there are countless ways trauma can show up in relationships, some common manifestations include: emotional distance; sex/intimacy issues; difficulty navigating post-traumatic stress symptoms; infidelity; challenges around coping patterns; codependency/enmeshment; and/or relationship issues related to the physical toll of trauma.


I have training in the Gottman Method for couples therapy, as well as Terry Real's Relational Life Therapy model. 

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